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Excursions Into the Underground (Episode 160) - DJ ROSS
April 04, 2017 05:19 PM PDT
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Special live recorded extended set from Trance Unity's event Road to Hell. This was my closing set for Coming Soon!!! I played for over 3.5 hours into the dark hours of the morning. This set has all the underground sounds that take you onto a journey from the depths of HELL! Can you handle it?


Excursions Into the Underground (Episode 159) - ROSS
February 18, 2017 05:11 AM PST
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Full of hard-hitting tech trance in the first half and then we take a journey into epic melodic sounds of some uplifting trance in the second half. This episode has tons of new tracks and really represents where the Underground trance scene is at right now.

1. Second Sine - Immoral (Original Mix)
2. Sneijder - Viper (Original Mix)
3. Sneijder - Polarize (Original Mix)
4. The Noble Six - Chernobyl (Original Mix)
5. Paul Denton - Curtain Call (Original Mix)
6. Cold Blue - Until We Collide (Original Mix)
7. Sean Tyas - Matter of Time (Original Mix)
8. Simon Patterson - Spike (Original Mix)
9. Arctic Moon - Cyberpunk (Original Mix)
10. Cold Blue - Nevada (Original Mix)
11. Akira Kayosa & Hugh Tolland - Euphonic (Original Mix))
12. Factor B - Endless (Original Mix)


Excursions Into the Underground (Episode 158) - ROSS
January 19, 2017 04:43 AM PST
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LIVE RECORDED SET from Sandstorm Old School Trance 2017 Party at the Saving Trance for Tomorrow event.

This was the set of the year for me and I couldn't of imagined a better night! Thank you to all who came!


Excursions Into the Underground (Episode 157) - ROSS
November 10, 2016 04:10 AM PST
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This month's show starts off dark and techy, then we go into overdrive and swing things into some hard hitting tech-trance and finish off with a bang!


1. Sam Paganini - The Beat feat.Z (Original Mix)
2. Matt Lange - Unsettled (Original Mix)
3. Estiva - Stiekem (Original Mix)
4. Lee Osborne - Angels Call (Alex Di Stefano Remix)
5. Bryan Kearney - Beg Your Pardon (Original Mix)
6. Joint Operation Centre - Goodnight Irene (Shugz Remix)
7. Gary Maguire and David Rust - Reality Check (Original Mix)
8. Christopher Lawrence - Horizon (Original Mix)
9. Tasso - Burning Angel (Estigma Remix)
10. Peter Plaznik - Blind Minded (Orbiteck Remix)
11. John Askew - Supersonic (Original Mix)
12. Bryan Kearney - The Game Changer (Standerwick Remix)


Excursions Into the Underground (Episode 156) - ROSS
September 25, 2016 05:38 AM PDT
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Back in full force with a lot of top quality tech-trance and uplifting trance out there and this episodes brings them all together nicely!

1. Joint Operations Centre - Plexatron (Original Mix)
2. Greg Downey - Rushin (Original Mix)
3. Richard Durand - Dark Rising (Original Mix)
4. Sam Jones - Brainstorm (Original Mix)
5. Will Atkinson & Thirlwall - Squelcher (Original Mix)
6. JES - Contact (Original Mix)
7. Club Quake - Vicious (Original Mix)
8. JOC - Rez(onate)
9. Will Atkinson - Till Dawn (Original Mix)
10. Sean Tyas - Turbo (Original Mix)
11. Aly & Fila and Roger Shah feat. Susana - Unbreakable (Extended Mix)


Excursions Into the Underground (Episode 155) - ROSS
August 10, 2016 05:15 PM PDT
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This is a special LIVE RECORDED SET from the Ile Sonic Festival After Party at Circus Afterhours.

This is high-energy trippy set that takes you onto a cerebral journey from the centre of the mind to the edges of the galaxy. TRANCE IS ALIVE!

Namaste and Enjoy!


Excursions Into the Underground (Episode 154) - ROSS
June 16, 2016 10:44 AM PDT
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We have a bigger show this month with a bunch of new tracks for the summer season! This mix is perfect for a road trip! I start things off nice and psychedelic and move into an epic Trance peak and then go down the rabbit hole into some hard groove techno.


1. Ace Ventura and Vini Vici – The Calling (Original Mix)
2. Ritmo – Dream Reality (Mr. What Remix)
3. Krama – Exhale the Past (Original Mix)
4. Christopher Lawrence – Banshee (Lostly Remix)
5. Robert Vadney – Man on the Moon (Original Mix)
6. Magnus and Simon Patterson – Evoke (Original Mix)
7. James Dymond – Defector (Extended Mix)
8. Darren Porter – To Feel Again (Original Mix)
9. Ferry Corsten – Beautiful (Aly & Fila Remix)
10. The Well Paid Scientists – The Gander (John Askew Remix)
11. Will Atkinson – Pat Butcher (Original Mix)
12. Mark Sherry – Hostel (2nd Phase Remix)
13. Mario Monterro – Who Knocks (Original Mix)
14. DJ Link – Kom 2 Papi (Original Mix)
15. Dj Link – Two Midgets (Original Mix)
16. Chewy Martins – Semitone (Original Mix)
17. Dj Gumja – 50 Lions (Original Mix)
18. Dj Gumja – Retrospective (Original Mix)
19. ATProject – Overtoom (Dj Link Remix)
20. Mike Dunn – Dance You Mutha (Ju Edit)
21. Will Atkinson – Subconcious (Original Mix)


Excursions Into the Underground (Episode 153) - ROSS
May 03, 2016 05:05 PM PDT
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LIVE Recorded Opening Set at Circus Afterhours for Monkey Buzinezz night with Neptune Project!!

This one is nice and progressive and turns up into a techno overdrive! I got the crowd grooving and pumped up perfectly.




Excursions Into the Underground (Episode 152) - ROSS
March 27, 2016 07:06 AM PDT
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Another slamming episode that will get your feet tapping and those hands and arms moving. This one has lots a fresh new tunes and some really great energetic moments of trance!


1. Highlight Tribe - Free Tibet (Vini Vici Remix)
2. Omiki - Zulu (Original Mix)
3. Bryan Kearney & Coming Soon - Anti-Social Media (Original Mix)
4. Liquid Soul & Zyce feat. Solar Kid - Anjuna (Jordan Suckley Remix)
5. Sean Tyas - Vagabond (Original Mix)
6. Paul Oakenfold - Bla Bla Bla (Original Mix)
7. Chris Schweizer - Scorpion (Extended Mix)
8. Mark Sherry, Derb, and Space - Follow Me (Psyburst Mix)
9. Davey Asprey - Nethersphere (Adam Ellis Remix)
10. UCast and Susana - To Another Day (Original Mix)
11. Sean Matthews - Paradise (Giuseppe Ottaviani Remix)
12. Will Atkinson - Mesmerize (Original Mix)


Next gigs:
1) April 29 @ Circus Afterhours with Neptune Project for the official Anjunadeep after party with Monkey Businezz

2) May 7 - Saturday Night Live - Steel Factory

3) May 20 @ club Play in Montreal - Monkey Buzinezz customer appreciation night

4) June 4 - Trance Unity Rave!!

Excursions Into the Underground (Episode 151) - ROSS
March 16, 2016 07:47 PM PDT
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This show is all about bringing you the underground sounds and this 60 minute mix does just that! This episode is much techier than usual and starts off nice and deep and we scale things up into overdrive.


1. Tom MC - Rocking (Original Mix)
2. David Clarke - Wisdom to the Wise (Red 2 A Mochi Re-edit)
3. Arnaud Le Texier - Temptation (Original Mix)
4. Joseph Capriati - Basic Elements (Luigi Madonna Remix)
5. Maceoplex - Conjure Sex (Original Mix)
6. Sean Tyas - 9am (Original Mix)
7. 2nd Phase - The Capital (Original Mix)
8. David Moleon - Blue Cakes (Original Mix)
9. Sean Tyas - Ambush (Original Mix)
10. Sasha - Expander (Will Rees Sliced Remix)
11. Will Atkinson - Game Over 2015 (Original Mix)
12. Kutski & BRK3 - 4th Dimension (Mark Sherry & James Allan Remix)
13. Sneijder and Nick Callaghan - Collision Course (Original Mix)


Next gigs:
1) April 29 @ Circus Afterhours with Neptune Project for the official Anjunadeep after party with Monkey Businezz

2) May 20 for Serenity private rave - location TBA - contact me for tickets

3) June 4 - Trance Unity Rave!!

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